Boost Mobile: Discontinues International Roaming

 **Boost Mobile has discontinued International Roaming from 13 October 2020**


Boost Mobile recently added the Boost Mobile International Roaming Recharge becoming one of the first prepaid providers in Australia to do so. 

The recharge is available in 15 countries:

USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, UK, New Zealand.

AUD $60 | 5GB of Data | 30 Call Minutes | 100 SMS

You receive 30 minutes of inbound/outbound calls & 100 SMS for 14 days. Importantly you receive 5GB of data which is quite generous compared to other offers in the marketplace.

Once you exceed the limit you will trigger another $60 payment for 5GB of data that is valid for 14 days.

The drawback with Boost Mobile's International Recharge is that it only covers 15 countries. If you are travelling to other destinations that are not covered, you will not be able to access data which is highly inconvenient.

If you were flying with Emirates and had a stopover in Dubai (or anywhere else in the Middle East) you'd have to seek out another option to stay connected.

If you were planning to stay in Italy on your trip through Europe with your Boost Mobile service you wouldn't be able to check Google Maps, or order an Uber. The same applies for Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Croatia and many other popular tourist destinations. As Flexiroam covers 160 countries you know you'll be covered.

So how does the value stack up against our Flexiroam X Local Data Plans?

Let's see:

Roaming Plan Data Expiry Price (USD) Calls SMS
Boost Mobile 5GB 14 Days $43.00 30 min 100
Flexiroam USA 5GB 15 Days $35.00 N/A
Flexiroam Singapore 5GB 15 Days $22.40 N/A
Flexiroam Indonesia 5GB 15 Days $18.20 N/A
Flexiroam Thailand 5GB 15 Days $17.50 N/A
Flexiroam Malaysia 5GB 15 Days $26.60 N/A
Flexiroam Japan 5GB 15 Days $29.40 N/A
Flexiroam Hong Kong 5GB 15 Days $21.00 N/A
Flexiroam Taiwan 5GB 15 Days $20.30 N/A
Flexiroam China 5GB 15 Days $25.20 N/A
Flexiroam Germany 5GB 15 Days $40.60 N/A
Flexiroam Spain 5GB 15 Days $20.30 N/A
Flexiroam France 5GB 15 Days $21.00 N/A
Flexiroam Portugal 5GB 15 Days $29.40 N/A
Flexiroam UK 5GB 15 Days $20.30 N/A
Flexiroam NZ 5GB 15 Days $28.70 N/A


Note: The above comparison is taken from the closest equivalent Flexiroam X Local Data Plan in each country. Flexiroam charges in USD and the Boost price has been adjusted at current exchange rates. Flexiroam plans have assumed they were purchased in advance to obtain a discount.

Flexiroam has 13 other data plan options for each of the above destinations. They range from: 500MB (3 Days) to 10GB (24 Days). To obtain more data with Boost Mobile would require a further $60 purchase.

Flexiroam enables Data Plans to be gifted to other Flexiroamers Flexishare feature.

Boost Mobile's International Roaming Recharge includes 30 minutes of calling and 100 outbound text messages. (Inbound SMS are Free of charge). Flexiroam only provides data.

However with the saving you make on the Flexiroam Local Data Plans, you could purchase a $5 or $15 Boost Mobile Add On that enable you to make or receive calls at very expensive rates or to send SMS for $0.65 each.

Although calling minutes aren't included with the Flexiroam Local Plans in the comparison above, you can make calls with Flexiroam using your Boost Mobile number! You simply need to confirm your Boost Mobile number via SMS in the Flexiroam X App and you are set to make calls wherever you are. Calls made are charged at 10MB per minute with the data being deducted from Global Data Plan allowance.


Boost Mobile's International Roaming Recharge offers customer's a convenient option for the solo traveller that  travelling for a fortnight to any of the 15 destinations covered, particularly if they plan to use roughly 5GB of data.

Flexiroam X offers compelling value to Boost Mobile customer's that are:

  • Travelling with a companion or in a group
  • Travelling to any of the destinations not covered by Boost Mobile
  • Are travelling for less than 2 weeks
  • Are travelling for more than 2 weeks
  • Are light users of data
  • Are heavy users of data.
  • Have an eSIM enabled device


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