Telstra Prepaid Removes International Roaming

Telstra Prepaid Removes International Roaming
Telstra removed International Roaming from 13 October 2020.
They promised a new version would launch in mid 2021, but that date has come and gone and still Telstra Prepaid customers are without any international roaming options.
Thankfully have the perfect solution, a prepaid travel SIM Card, that never expires and provides you with prepaid access to 580 networks in over 150 countries.
Our Travel SIM even allows you to make calls with your own Telstra Prepaid number!
It is also packed with a range of awesome features that make it far better than buying a local SIM Card when you arrive at your destination. Such as:
  • Data gifting
  • Choice of multile networks
  • Data Plan extension
  • Wallet feature
  • Travel tips
  • Refer a friend for FREE data



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