Germany Local Data Plan

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Germany Local Data Plan

Each Data Plan includes a 100MB Flexiroam X Starter Kit with your choice of:

  • X SIM Card: (SIM Card to fit phones, tablets, WiFi Hotspots)
  • X Microchip (0.03mm SIM Sticker
  • X eSIM (For iPhone XR/XR+ & XS/XS+ models)

Features & Benefits

100 % Prepaid Data
No excess charges, no bill shock, no worries!

    Network Coverage

    O2 (4G/3G) | Vodafone (4G/3G)

    Data Plan can be shared with other Flexiroam users

    Top Up Data Anywhere
    Data Plans can be purchased In the Flexiroam X App


    Add Data Plans for Other Countries

    If you require cellular Internet access outside of Germany, you can purchase Local Data Plan for other countries.

    Germany is included in our Europe Data Plan & Greater Europe Data Plan

    Germany is included in our Global Data Plan which also longer expiry, outbound calling functionality & global coverage

    Things You Should Know
    Prices are quoted in USD
    GST is not applicable
    Data Plan is valid in Germany only
    Data Plan will commence and end at 00:00 Berlin time (GMT +09:00)
    Local Data Plans do not support the Flexiroam Calling feature
    Flexiroam X Starter Kit must be scanned before the Data Plan can be applied to your account. If your purchase is close to a 30/90 day discount window you must provide CallCloud with 24 hours notice, to apply your Data Plan.

      If you have any questions Contact us, we're always happy to help, and are available by Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, email or even by phone 1800 NO ISDN. We actually respond!