Save 60% off your next Family Vacation!

For fans of the classic National Lampoon's series of films we have a special offer for your next family holiday.

Retrace the footsteps of Clark, Ellen, Rusty & Audrey on your own  European Vacation:

Introducing the Family Pack:

4 Flexiroam X Starter Kits for $15 USD!

(Includes postage Australia wide)

  • Each Starter Kit provides you with a re-usable, rechargeable, prepaid Travel SIM that can't incur excess charges and never expires
  • Our microchip is a once-off installation (no more SIM swapping)
  • eSIM (virtual SIM) available for (iPhone XR, XS/XS+ & Google Pixel 3/3a)
  • It allows you to Hotspot or tether
  • Even better it allows you to share your Data Plans via Flexishare
  • It can be used in a smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet or iPad, WiFi Hotspot, smartwatch, luggage tracker or essentially any unlocked device that can use a SIM.
  • Access Inflight WiFi with participating airlines

To access the discount, simply add a minimum of four (4) Flexiroam X Starter Kits to you cart, enter the Discount Code: FAMILY and we will apply a discount of $24.80.

You may order any combination of Starter Kits to achieve the discount (microchip/SIM/eSIM) so feel welcome to mix & match as you please.

You could put this $24.80 saving toward any of Flexiroam's seriously affordable Local Data Plans by:

Endlessly circling Big Ben & Parliament or knocking over Stonehenge with a:

UK Data Plan: Early Bird Pricing from $12.60 for 10GB over 24 Days

Watch a dog jump off the Eiffel Tower with a:

France Data Plan: Early Bird Pricing from $11.40 for 10GB over 24 Days

Get into a thigh slapping Oktoberfest brawl (actually filmed in Northern Italy)

Austria Data Plan: Early Bird Pricing from $14.10 for 10GB over 24 Days

Go shopping in Milan with our:

Italy Data Plan: Early Bird Pricing from $10.80 for 10GB over 24 Days

Of course these are just some pricing examples available in over 150 countries covered by Flexiroam X. Plans start from $0.90!

The offer is valid only for:

Global Roaming Data - Starter Kits

for orders placed until 30 June 2019. The offer cannot be combined with other discounts.

If you know someone travelling soon please feel welcome to share our deal with your friends and family.

As always if you have any Questions please let us know


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