Start date: 6th Oct 2019
  • Valid for the first 600 users.
  • Code will expire once sold out.
  • Applies to all Local Data Plans.

Please Note:

  • This code is valid for plans starting within 30 days only.
  • The discount is Data Plans purchased within the Flexiroam X App only
  • Offer may withdrawn at anytime as subject to Flexiroam



If you don't yet have a Flexiroam X Starter Kit but want the discount?
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You can check the non-discounted pricing of our Local Data Plans

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  • James Love

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for taking the time to be the 1st poster on our site! Whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in the middle we really appreciate hearing what you have to say.

    I appreciate it sucks missing out on a discount, particularly when it was one you weren’t aware of! The 45% off discount that Flexiroam ran was a flash sale, and expired on the 13th September.

    Although it wasn’t “our” discount, we do try to let our customers know of any specials that Flexiroam run, so I’d encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list and like us on Facebook so that you can take advantage of any future offers that come up. (Don’t worry, we aren’t going to bombard you with Spam!) We’ll only bother you if we see a really awesome discount or some news that we think you should know about.

    Also, it’s important to note that we receive offers that are exclusive to Flexiroam customers that have purchased through CallCloud. An example we have at the moment is 20% Off All Data Plans. See: https://callcloud.com.au/blogs/discounts/20-off-discountcode

    I hope this helps, and thanks again for your comments.



  • Steve

    Seen this discount code on here But not on my app where I have acceptance of all emails and notifications from Flexiroam.

    It really defeats the purpose of having the app if we’re not going to receive these promotions on the app.
    Then the ones that do expire on the app are impossible to delete from the app on my iphone as I was told that it can’t be done (for the time being I hope).

    Yes, I have received other promotions in the past, so there are not problems receiving these promos.

    I guess Im should be on the Flexiroam web site, but it is such a mess and horrible to get decent directions by the help chat.

    It is impossible to ring them, as I have tried the Australian number, (and the USA) so, so many different times of the day and night that i have left no time frame out, for a busy time schedule that they use as an excuse when mentioned why the phone line is ALWAYS engaged in email conversations.


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