Apple AirTag Accessories

Apple AirTag Accessories

We are really excited about Apple's new AirTag and how it will make a traveller's life easier.

In order to keep the AirTag secured to your keys, bags, luggage or other valuables, then you'll need something to keep it attached!

Apple's official leather AirTag accessories are quite pricey! I mean don't get us wrong, we think the AirTag itself is reasonably priced, and no doubt there are any number of people willing to part with the extra dollars, in fact the $449 Apple AirTag Hermes bag charm has sold out.

However if you want an AirTag holder that wn't break the bank (or you want one that isn't made of animal leather, please check out our range of Apple AirTag Accessories:

We are offerring a free Flexiroam Starter Pack with 100MB of Global Data included valid for 360 Days. This can be used to build your own $0 Apple AirTag Global Tracker.

Buy your Flexiroam X Starter Kit available in eSIM | SIM Card | microchip from us and we'll include 100MB of Global Data valid for 360 days.

Flexiroam is an Apple eSIM Worldwide Service Provider


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