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The events unfolding in Ukraine are shocking to all of us. Western governments have implemented sanctions against Putin and his government, and are sending finanical, medical and now "lethal" aid to the Ukrainian people.

Watching the footage of Ukrainian citizens piling onto trains to escape the violence, is truly heartbreaking. Particularly given that males aged 18-60 are being banned from leaving Ukraine.

For these people maintaining communcation with friends & family would be difficult and we want to help.

It is imperative that Ukrainain families stay connected with their brave husbands, fathers, brothers & sons until peace can be restored to Ukraine.

We can provide 4G (LTE) mobile data to Ukraine and all nations that border it:

  • Ukraine: Beeline (4G/3G) | KyivStar (4G/3G)
  • Poland: Play (4G/3G) | Orange (4G/3G)
  • Slovakia: O2 (4G/3G) | Orange (4G/3G)
  • Romania: Vodafone (4G/3G) | Orange (4G/3G)
  • Hungary: Telenor (4G/3G)
  • Moldova: Moldcell (4G/3G)
  • Belarus: Velcom (4G/3G)
  • Russian Federation: Tele2 (4G/3G) | Beeline (4G/3G)

In most of these countries we have access to multiple network providers for better coverage.

The Flexiroam X app supports Russian language which will be helpful for order or less tech savvy Ukranians to setup their SIM Card.

Most importanly our platform also has a unique capability: 

To enable users to gift data to other users wherever they are.

We have already reached out to our Ukrainian and other Eastern European customers that we can share data to (without publically revealing their identity or breaching privacy regulations).

These individuals can also Flexishare data on to other users, so hopefully they will be able to pay it forward to those in need. Additionally we will

donate 1GB for each activation until March 30, 2022.

The data is valid unitl JUL 2023 and will work in all the countries to which Flexiroam provide coverage (including those listed above).

We can send an eSIM to anyone anywhere in the world instantly, but many Ukrainian people won't have eSIM enabled phone yet.

So, if anyone reading post knows someone trustworthy (a pilot, flight crew or anyone bound for any of the surrounding countries Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or Moldova in the coming days or that wants to help distribute some physical SIM Cards & can get them to the border please contact us.

MIR (Peace)

The Travels.im team


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