Apple AirTag: The easiest way to find your things

Apple AirTag: The easiest way to find your things


Over the years, tech innovators have provided us with a variety of ways to keep track of the things we tend to misplace. Our keys, wallets, handbags & luggage can all be tracked so we can avoid losing them.

iPhone and smart watches are able to track children, elderly relatives & we even have smart collars for our pets!

Although great in theory each method has had it's limitations. A trade off is often made between having a smaller device with a long battery life, that has limited or short range of distance tracking, versus a device that contained a SIM Card but was larger, and had expensive costs with ongoing subscription fees.

However this is set to change. The clever boffins at Apple are set to solve the conundrum of how the world keep tracks of the things that matter. the new Apple AirTag and updated Find My iPhone app enables any item with an AirTag attached to beam it's location securely via any iOS device that it crosses paths with.

This new innovation works  better than any other because of the sheer number of iOS devices out in the wild. Apple have effectively created a secure global tracking network that enables you to locate your device anywhere on earth. A complete game changer for anyone who loses stuff!

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