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Does Belong Mobile offer roaming in other countries?
Belong Mobile doesn't currently offer any overseas roaming options. Your Belong Mobile service will not roam. You will not be able to make or receive calls, or access Internet data if you are traveling outside of Australia.
How can I use my Belong Mobile phone when travelling overseas? 
To get service in NZ, Indonesia, USA, Europe, or almost anywhere else you can purchase a Flexiroam X Microchip SIM Starter Kit from Flexiroam Australia.
With Flexiroam will I be able to make calls using my Belong Mobile number?
Yes. You can make calls with your Australian Belong Mobile number with the Flexiroam X App. You can set up this number before you leave Australia in a few easy steps.
Can I keep my current Belong Mobile SIM Card?
Yes. You can keep your existing Belong Mobile  SIM Card in your phone and avoid the hassle of messing around with paperclips and possibly losing your SIM Card.
If you have a newer model phone or iPad that supports eSIM, you can simply purchase and download the Flexiroam X eSIM. The eSIM profile is 'virtual' and can be scanned into your phone using a QR Code.
If your phone does not support eSIM you can purchase a Flexiroam X Microchip SIM. The SIM 'sticker' is applied on top your existing SIM Card. Once applied, The Flexiroam X Microchip lasts forever. The Flexiroam X App enables you to switch between Belong SIM Card and Flexiroam in a matter of seconds.
Can I buy a 'Normal' Flexiroam SIM Card?
Yes. We also have conventional SIM Cards that fit all devices. Please note, that you will have to swap out your Belong SIM Card to use it.


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