Fido Wi-Fi Calling abroad?



Using Fido International Roaming for Free

Rogers customers can make and receive calls and texts whilst overseas without incurring any charges. The trick is to leverage Rogers Wi-Fi Calling feature.

Wi-Fi Calling allows your phone to make calls over an internet connection. Wi-Fi calling is designed to improve voice quality when you are in an area with weak network reception and have access to a more reliable connection. Sending your calls over the more stable Wi-Fi connection provides better quality calls and less annoying dropouts. It also provides Rogers with the benefit of not having to carry the traffic over their cellular network.

If you have it turned on many of your calls probably already use this feature.

Does Fido allow Wi-Fi Calling abroad?

Yes. Fido supports Wi-Fi calling when overseas:

  • Calls and messages count toward your monthly limits
  • No roaming fees on calls received while on Wi-Fi outside Canada
  • No roaming fees on calls or messages to Canada while outside Canada
  • All other roaming charges will match the roaming features on your plan

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Can I use my Fido Wi-Fi calling while not on Wi-Fi?

The above solution is great because it is free, but it isn't terribly convenient. Being tethered to your hotel's Wi-Fi just so you can make calls doesn't exactly make for an ideal holiday.  

If you wish to use your Fido service while travelling out and about you could use a W-Fi hotspot, but you would have to buy another SIM Card and you have to carry another thing around with you.

If you have a dual SIM or an eSIM enabled phone, you can use a global data eSIM to use WiFi calling even when you don't have WiFi.

To enable this you simply turn off data to your Fido SIM and use the eSIM or 2nd SIM Card as the data connection.

When you make a call, theWi-Fi Calling doesn't use much data. You can expect to consume 1MB per minute. Text messages use virtually no data at all.
Purchase a Flexiroam X Starter Pack from us and we'll include 100MB of Global Data valid for 360 days which should be enough for you stay connected while you are not on Wi-Fi.
If you need more data, you can simply top up Data Plans from the Flexiroam X mobile app. The Flexiroam X service is prepaid and never expires. Once you have set it up you never need to worry about overseas roaming charges ever again.


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