Flexiroam X: eSIM Installation & Setup Guide (Android)

eSIM Installation (Android)

Google Pixel 3 and onwards
    1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet / Connections > Tap on the plus (next to Mobile Network)
    1. Tap on "Don't have a SIM Card?" then tap on Next
  1. Scan the eSIM QR Code and tap Activate
To start using Flexiroam X eSIM:
  • Once your eSIM is added successfully, tap on "Flexiroam"
  • Turn on Mobile Data & Roaming
To switch back to Home SIM as default data line:
  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network
  • Tap on your Home SIM and turn on Mobile data

Samsung Galaxy Fold
    1. Go to Settings > Connections
    1. Tap on SIM card manager
    1. Select Add mobile plan
    1. Select Add using QR code
    1. Scan the eSIM QR Code and tap Add
    1. Tap OK to turn on the Flexiroam X eSIM
  1. Once you have activated your eSIM, you can view in SIM card manager


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