Back to the Future: Voice Calls!

The vast majority of our customers have told us:

"We don't need call minutes when travelling - we just want more data!"

With the rise in popularity of messaging and social media apps we generally agree. However, from time to time it can be handy to use a phone for what it was originally designed to do: Make a phone call!

Let Flexiroam take you Back to the Future: Introducing – Voice Calls!

Now you can use your 'data only' Flexiroam X service to make phone calls to anyone, anywhere in over 130 countries! 

What's even better is that unlike other Travel SIMs or SIMs bought locally, the calls are placed with your own caller ID!

This means you can make a call and the person you are calling will actually answer you rather than sending you straight to voicemail.

The feature can be enabled with a once off registration in the Flexiroam X App before you depart with just a few simple steps:

1. Open the Flexiroam X dialler by tapping the Call icon (bottom right)
2. Tap Add your Caller ID
3. Tap Verify to proceed
4. Key in your own mobile number and click on Continue
5. You will receive a robocall, providing you a 6 digit code.
6. Key in the code, and.... success!
8. You can test out the feature by placing a call to another mobile phone and checking that your caller ID is displayed.

OK, so this sounds great, how much does this feature cost?

Well, we actually don't charge you minutes for the calls you make. Instead we deduct data from your from your Global Data Plan at a rate of 10MB/min. (Note that data that has been Flexishared to your account by another user cannot be used to make calls with this feature.)

This not only avoids the need for you to worry about the complications of minutes and megabytes after a few too many mojito's, but it also stops you switching back to your home SIM and risk incurring a huge roaming bill the moment you get home!

Enjoy the best of both roaming data and voice calls on your next overseas jaunt.

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  • Ian

    If I make a 30 second voice call do you still deduct 10mb of data?

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