South Korea: LG U+ Prepaid Data SIM

heading to South Korea, you can pick up a local LG U+ Prepaid Data SIM upon arrival at the airport.

Unfortunately, it is a rather cumbersome process that involves

1. Registering Online & Paying

2. Visiting a LG U+ Customer Centre

Filling Out Application Forms



* VAT included

usage period 5Days 10Days 20Days 30Days 40Days 60Days
charges ₩27,500 ₩38,500 ₩60,500 ₩71,500 ₩99,000 ₩143,000
reservation discount ₩25,000 ₩35,000 ₩55,000 ₩65,000 ₩90,000 ₩130,000


  • You cannot make phone calls or send text messages.
  • The SIM card only works with phones that are unlocked (the phone must not have a country lock).
  • There is no refund after you receive the SIM card.
  • If you use up the daily provided 2 GB of data, you can continue using an unlimited amount of data at up to 5Mbps of speed. 2 GB of data will be provided every night at 12 AM.
  • To be reissued or cancelled a credit card receipt, you must visit the LG U+ Customer centers. Contact Info 010-3998-1004(charged, U+ Mobile phone toll free)
  • The Cancel fee will be refunded to you 15 days after cancellation according to the policy of your credit card company.


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