Untether your next holiday with Flexishare!


A common question we are asked about our Travel SIMs is:

"Do they allow tethering?"

And for the record, the answer is yes, they do!

However, we understand the real meaning behind this question:

"How can I get the most data without buying an extra Travel SIM?"

Lucky for you, we don't believe that just because you are on a holiday you should need to compromise:

Introducing Flexiroam's newest innovation: Flexishare

Flexishare allows users to share data with each other via the Flexiroam X App wherever they are around the globe!

  • No more messing around using battery draining Pocket Whttps://youtu.be/NMEHuIKbQzQiFi devices
  • No more wasting $$ on buying SIMs that are barely used
  • No more compromising your holiday being tethered to your family
  • No more Bill Shock!

Flexishare allows you to obtain better value by allowing you to buy a single data bundle and then share it with your travel companions.

All they need to receive the gift of data is is their own Flexiroam X App & a Flexiroam SIM.

Better yet, it's not "pooled data" that everyone can access instantly. So, a mischievous child isn't able to smash everyone's shared data limit, by downloading the latest version of Grand Theft Auto to their iPad. (2.1GB for those wondering)

Now we are talking: Local SIM data pricing without the stress.

You can share your Data Plan with friends and family anytime, with a simple tap on the share button. See this guide for further information:

Flexishare is available now to all Flexiroam X users. Microchip, eSIM or SIM Card with eligible Flexiroam Local Data & Global Data Plans.

Order your Flexiroam X Starter Kit's and start Flexisharing today.


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