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Why don't you offer a phone number with your travel SIMs?

The answer is that most travelers these days simply don't require a local phone number when travelling abroad they just want data!

By offering data only, we lower our cost, which in turn means that you can access the benefits of our highly competitive data rates, with the convenience of being able to travel from country to country without having to purchase new SIM Cards, continually search for WiFi or the hassle of swapping SIMs each time you wish to check your messages on your home SIM.

We do understand that it is handy to be able to make a the odd call when travelling abroad, or in the case of an emergency.

That is why we have created a nifty way for Flexiroam users to make calls with the Flexiroam X. It evens means they can use their own Caller ID. our Global Plans offer this ability. The calls are charged at 10MB/min.

If you really need to be contactable via phone or SMS whilst abroad, and can't use popular messaging Apps,

We recommend that business users strongly consider moving to a cloud based phone system (otherwise known as UCaaS)

For consumers, Skype allows you to rent a phone number in many countries and their are literlly thousand sof other Apps and services that will provide you with a 'virtual' number any number of 2nd Line or WiFi calling Apps that are available for download.

Burner, Hushed, Skype, World Phone, TextNow, Cloud SIM.

These apps will provide you with a landline or mobile in a range of different countries for different duration and many enable SMS.

Have you used any of the tips, methods or Apps used in the article? Did they work? Have you got any other travel hacks that might help out others?

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