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A common question we receive here is:

"Why do you charge in USD when your website is .com.au?"

To be fair, a reasonable question to ask, given that the vast majority of our customers are Aussies!

Unfortunately, the reality of buying literally thousands of different data plans in USD and then converting them into AUD is really risky.

Besides, we know that our customers are travelling overseas and will need to make purchases in foreign currency soon anyway!

Having spent many years travelling & living abroad (and also being a nerd that likes saving money) I'd become aware of a few currency exchange platforms that were out to disrupt the exorbitant currency exchange fees the big banks charge!

We use TransferWise to buy everything that we have to in USD, NZD, GBP and it's great.

We can:

"exchange money with the tap of a finger at the rate you see on Google"

We pass on the savings we make to our customers in the form of lower pricing instead of feeding the greedy banks.

This is all wonderful to know but probably doesn't hold much interest for you.

"I just want to save on global roaming!"

OK, so i'll get to the point that interests you:

TransferWise have now released a TransferWise debit Mastercard® for Aussie's!

Being on their beta program I was one of the first to get my hands on one, and it's really great:

  • It's free to get a borderless account.
  • It's free to get your own bank details in the USA, UK, EU, NZ & AU
  • You can hold multiple currencies and get paid from over 30 countries

I'm so impressed with how it all work's we've decided to partner with them and this is where we can both win!

For each customer that opens a TransferWise Borderless Account and transfers $300

We will provide you with USD $10 of store credit. This can be used for Flexiroam X Starter Kits, Data Plans or anything else we have available.


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