What is Flexishare™?

The concept of 'data pooling' has becoming more common on our mobile plans at home, but once we leave our shores, the convenience usually ends.

Flexishare your Data Plans


Even if we stump up the premium dollars with our home Telco's offering (typically meaning a $10 a day charge or if we are on a plan that enables us to 'Rome Like at Home'.

In the UK & Canada and now available on some of the high end mobile plans.

What about your travelling companions, your partner, and the kids?

You could seek to overcome this by getting multiple local SIMs at your destination, but this multiplies the hassle & cost.

You could ensure that your plan enables tethering so you can feed your to feed your data starved family, but this is fiddly, drains battery and removes the ability of your party to communicate when they choose to activities in different geographical locations.

It all sounds too hard, wasn't this meant to be a holiday?

Relax, we have the answer.

Introducing Flexiroam's newest innovation: Flexishare™

Flexishare allows users to share data with each other via the Flexiroam X App wherever they are around the globe!

Better yet, it's not pooled data in the traditional sense. So, a mischievous child isn't able to smash everyone's shared data limit, by downloading the latest version of Grand Theft Auto to their iPad. (2.1GB for those wondering)

In additional to the convenience, Flexishare™ allows you to obtain better value by allowing you to buy a single, (and better value) data bundle and sharing it with your travel companions.

Now we are talking Local SIM pricing without the stress.

No more unused data, and no need to use Pocket WiFi or MiFi devices, when you have FlexiShare™.

You can share Unlimited Data with friends and family anytime, with a simple tap on the share button. See this guide for further information:


Flexishare™ is Available now for all users Microchip/eSIM/SIM Card with eligible Flexiroam Local Data & Global Data Plans from CallCloud.

Order your Flexiroam X Starter Kit's and start Flexisharing today.

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