Awakening the Silent Roamer

Everyday the world is getting smaller. Today's global citizen is travelling more often, and to more far flung places.

With so many valuable online resources available, our need to stay connected whilst abroad has become crucial.

Access to Internet Data ranks a close 2nd the modern traveller as their passport.

In a perfect world, we would love to use our phones just like we do at home.

Unfortunately the cellular carriers don't agree. 6% of global mobile revenue is derived from International roaming. That provides $35B (that's billion) reasons for them to maintain the status quo.

So, how does the modern traveller overcome the prohibitive cost of international data roaming?

WiFi has for sometime been the popular method for tourists who want to stay connected. However most of the useful travel Apps are "in the now": messaging, ride sharing, maps, translation, banking. WiFi is great for sharing selfies but simply not pervasive enough for us to rely on when we are out and about actually trying to use technology to improve our holiday. 

Added to this, we now know public WiFi is a serious security risk, identity theft to a potential scammer at worst handing over valuable marketing information at best.

So, for those of us who simply cannot live without Internet access, a local SIM card seems the best option. Typically cheap, and with large or unlimited download limits, but, far from ideal. 

Uneconomical for short stays or layovers, and too troublesome when travelling to multiple countries. Often they require complex registration in a foreign language, after you have just cleared customs, after a long haul flight.

Wasn't this meant to be a holiday?

It's enough to just to switch off! (Well until you see someone else get in your Uber!)

What if a solution existed that gave us the convenience of using our data just like we did at home, wherever we travel, securely & without the hassle and exorbitant costs?

Thankfully CallCloud have the answer. A global data solution that installs once, and lasts for a lifetime.