Flexiroam Japan eSIM

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Japan Data Plan Includes

105MB Flexiroam X Starter Pack with your choice of SIM:

Japan Network Coverage provided by

KDDI (4G) | Softbank (4G)

The strongest network signal will be chosen automatically.

Flexiroam X Mobile App

Easy to use App to manage your Data Plan & access great travel features. Simple one-time Account setup (using SMS, email or Social Media) provides a lifetime of prepaid global data access.


Top Up Data Plans
In the App, you can purchase additional

Data Plan can be shared with other Flexiroam X users

Cancel Data Plan Feature
Change of plans? Refund your Data Plan in the Flexiroam X App

Outbound Calling Feature
Make a phone call using your home Caller ID

Flexiroam Wallet
Preload your Account with credit in USD

Things You Should Know

  • Why we charge in USD
  • GST is NOT applicable
  • Japan Local Data Plan is valid in Japan only
  • Plan starts at 00:00 Tokyo time (GMT +09:00)