eSIM Cyprus Local Data Plan

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Cyprus eSIM Local Data Plan

Includes a 105MB Flexiroam eSIM Starter Kit compatible with:
  • iPhone XR/XR+ & XS/XS+
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max
  • Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4 & 4XL
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold LTE

    Cyprus eSIM Features & Benefits

    100 % Prepaid Data
    No excess charges, no bill shock, no worries!

    Network Coverage
    CyTa (4G/3G) | PrimeTel (4G/3G) | MTN (3G)

    Data Plan can be shared with other Flexiroam users

    Top Up Data Anywhere
    If you are staying a little longer in Cyprus, or have exhausted your allowance, top up your balance in the Flexiroam X App.


    Add Data Plans
    If your are venturing to other destinations, you can add additional Local Data Plans through our website or via the Flexiroam X App.

    Cyprus is included in our Europe Data Plan & Greater Europe Data Plan (Europe plus, Switzerland, Turkey, Belarus & Ukraine)

    Cyprus is included in our Global Data Plan covers almost every country on Earth! It also offers longer expiry & even an outbound calling that uses your own number!

    Changed your Travel Itinerary? 
    Cancel your Local Data Plan in the Flexiroam X App

    Flexiroam Wallet 
    Cancel your Local Data Plan in the Flexiroam X App

    Things You Should Know 

    • Why we charge in USD
    • GST is NOT applicable
    • Data Plan is valid in Cyprus only
    • Plan commences at 00:00 Nicosia time (GMT +02:00)
    • Does not support the Flexiroam Calling feature
    • Account must be active before Data Plan is applied 
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