Flexiroam X Starter Pack

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Flexiroam X Features & Benefits

    • Simple one-time setup
    • #Sustainable SIMs. That can be re-used & never expire.
    • 100% Prepaid Data. No excess charges. No bill shock!
    • Global Coverage in 160 countries
    • 4G LTE performance available in most countries
    • Keep your existing phone number
    • Choose the strongest network in each country
    • 24/7 Support provided by Flexiroam

    Starter Kit Includes your choice of: 


    Microchip SIM   |      SIM Card      |      eSIM   

    • 5MB Setup Data
    • 100MB Global Data (360 Day Expiry)
    • SIM tray opener tool
    • Setup Guide
    • Flexiroam X Mobile App

    Add Data Plans

    **30% Off All Data Plans purchased in 2020**

    Local Data Plan

    Global Data Plan

    • Global Coverage in 160 countries
    • Long Expiry options (up to 360 days)
    • Great for those who travel frequently
    • Make outbound VoIP calls with Global Data (using you own caller ID).

    Share Data Plan
    Flexishare™  your data with other Flexiroam X users via the App (even from the other side of globe!)

    Flexiroam Wallet
    • Cancel Local Data Plan and use the credit for your next trip.
    • Use Wallet Credit for easy in App Data Plan purchase. 

    Data Plan Rollover
    Global Data Plan expiry renews with each plan purchase.

    Things You Should Know


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