Flexiroam UK Local Data Plan

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Our UK Data Plan provides much more than a local Vodafone, EE, 3, O2 prepaid SIM Card can.

In addition to your UK Data Plan valid in the British Isles,  with your choice of Flexiroam X Starter Kit. A reusable prepaid SIM Card that is setup once and can be used for a lifetime!

You also receive a bonus 100MB of global data (Valid 360 days) choose from:

  • A traditional SIM Card that fits all phones
  • Our innovative Microchip SIM Sticker
  • A downloadable eSIM

  • It has a range of travel friendly features that can all be managed within a user friendly Mobile App 

    Network Coverage

    UK Data Plan provides coverage in:

    The strongest network signal will be chosen automatically.

    • Simple one-time setup
    • Lifetime access to prepaid Global Data.
    • Manage everything with the Flexiroam X Mobile App


    Flexiroam X App Features

    Data Plans can be shared with other Flexiroam users

    Top Up Data Plans Anywhere

    Local Data Plan & Region Data Plan

    • Affordable data for a country or region
    • Discount for purchasing in advance (30 or 90 days) 
    • Plan Cancellation feature

    Available in 55 individual countries & regions:

    Coverage to almost every country on Earth!
    • Long expiry (up to 360 days)
    • Rollover unused Data
    • Outbound Calling using your own number!
    Things You Should Know
    • Why we charge in USD
    • GST/VAT is not applicable
    • Data Plan will commence at 00:00 London time (GMT +00:00)


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